A Cleric has the ability to use the holy arts. Clerics are known to use purely healing or defensive-based skills such as Revive , Heal and Sanctuary. However, Aeiryn has been shown to use offensive skills despite her insistence that as a Cleric, methods of violence should not be enacted by her. The earliest known incidence of this is with her skill Holy Smite in the piggybacking arc with Toasty against a Slime in the swamps.

Some known Cleric skills are:

  • Revive : Revives a dead character.
  • Heal: Heals an injured character.
  • Sanctuary: Encapsulates the caster in a barrier of light, preventing the caster from receiving any form of damage. Cannot be maintained indefinitely.
  • Holy Smite: Summons a giant fist to pummel an evil or chaotic enemy to the ground.
  • Regen: Actively regenerates health at a faster rate than normal.

Clerics are most commonly of the Elven race, and it is unknown if Humans or other races can become Clerics as well.

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